Windscape of Naperville: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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I recommend this property. Christine knows her job well and the environment is beautiful. And she has experience with how to communicate with tenants. The rent cost is affordable in Naperville. If anything to know more about the apartment you can reach her. Thank you!

- Tegshee Ts


I have been in the Real Estate and Property Management industry since 2000 and know well the intricacies of running a large property such as Windscape! Our experience has been great! We sold our home in July of 2022 and needed a short term lease (4-months) until our new construction home was ready for delivery. After much research and deliberation we decided on Windscape of Naperville. We couldn't be happier! We love our apartment. The office and maintenance staff are very friendly. Shout out to Christine Lill, the Assistant Community Manager who is great!! Our new home will be ready at the end of October 2022. We will miss this place and the staff.

- Bret Derrickson


If you are looking for a sign to find a future home, this is it. We were prior residents back in 2020 and now were back after making life transitions.. Christine has been a superstar and made our search/move beyond easy. After moving so many times, you would think I'm a pro, but this time around my brain was not computing, however Christine should patience, and the best customer service you look for. The staff have always been friendly and Steven (believe who works across from Christine) also showed us that the team/management cares.. After coming from a not so great experience, we so look forward to our time here again at Windscapes and would highly encourage anyone to check them out!

- Patrick Cronin


I was so happy when I moved here 2 years ago but the rent is skyrocketing now and I was pretty much told to take it or leave it. Rental agent said they are 100% filled but I know of at least 3 empty apartments in two buildings. The only saving grace is the fantastic maintenance staff!

- karen webb


DO NOT MOVE HERE! This place is not what it is advertised to be and a waste of money. I have lived for 18 months and this place has progressively fallen to pieces. The "dog park" is trap. The "doors" are attached to the dog area by strands of metal strips and nothing more. The grounds are not kept and the feeble attempt to remove the 3 dead trees on the property made the views of this place horrible. These apartments are advertised as "luxury" but there is nothing luxurious about them. The "keyless" entry does not work and they are not going to attempt to fix that issue. If I set the keys to close to the door, there is an incessant beeping that amounts to nothing. The sun lights leak when it rains and they won't fix that. ALL of the appliances are outdated and break constantly. The hood over my stove just fell because it was held up by 1 screw that wasn't attached to anything and I haven't received a response for the ticket I put in a week ago. My biggest issue with this place is the ignoring of all the problems that the residence face. None of the doors to the buildings with shared entrances lock. The stairs to my residence have decayed so much that the rusted wire inside the stairs are showing and snagging and ripping clothes. The bottom 2 stairs are broken and you have to shift weight to one side and not for long to get up and down the stairs. The bannisters are not connected to anything and each day chunks of the cement stairs fall off, making getting in and out my apartment dangerous. I and my neighbor have brought this to the property manager for over 6 months and I was told via email that I was "overreacting" but they have caution tape wrapped around the stairs. This place is put together in a shoddy manner and the property manager apparently won't care until there is a lawsuit. DO NOT MOVE HERE

- Alysia Sturges