The Club at Indian Creek Apartment Homes: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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The staff at the Indian Creek are personable and so helpful! They took lots of time to answer my many questions and provided a breakdown of all the information for me in a way that made the application process really easy. Nicely maintained apartments, many of them with personal backyards which I need for my two doggos. Love it. Great experience so far!

- Elena Ferguson


When I’m seeking out a new place to live, a big part of my decision is based on tenant reviews. Some of the earlier reviews of this place made me hesitant, but they were years old. However, there was one from this last year praising the place. I decided to take a chance and I could not have had a better experience with move-in! I’m from out of state, so I wasn’t able to tour anything in person. The management team responded to all of my emails in under 30 minutes and even went out of their way to take videos of all the units I was interested in and send them to me. I had one maintenance issue with moving in and they fixed it in 30 minutes once again. Needless to say, I’ve been blown away with how great this place is! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a quiet, safe area in the city.

- Sable Campa


I'm living here now and it's been really pretty good the move in process was very easy and Kristy Lynn made it Great!The staff is very nice and friendly!The pool is amazing!However not getting to use the BBQ grill in the pool area was a little disappointing.The grounds are well kept the parking lots are good because they filled the pot holes and they are re-doing the parking lots making them look much better remarking the lines and stuff like that.My apartment is nice and spacious for just me living here.The cabinet are cherry wood and look nice!I like the hard wood floors!However I have encountered some issues that like one major issue is Mice!I hate Mice!Kristy Lynn said they would come In and set traps.I believe her.I have cats so I thought that would keep mice away but so far it hasn't deterred the mice!One person that lived here I talked to said she counted 42 mice during the winter months!Yikes!!! I hope that doesn't happen in my apartment!Maintenance has been good.i have only had one problem with my toilet.I did notice my mold in my laundry room the office said they would take care of that but I haven't used it because the washer was leaking it needed a new hose.They might I have fixed it.Now my neighbors are so rude!They have done alot starting with Playing loud music,throwing cigarette butts on my patio,putting obscene cards on my car.Pouring drinks on my car basically vandalizing my car,keying my car,anything mean they can do without breaking the law,except they did by keying my car!I haven't brought that up to management because I was thinking they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.They did send an email to respect your neighbors but people don't listen.That isn't the apartments fault that people are rude.Overall I like living here!The only reason why I would move is the Mice!!!I have been living here for 9 months now.

- Janet Lofland


This staff is really helpful and flexible. Thank you krystelynn, Crystal, and Karen for all your help! 😊

- Manuela Jose


Amazing staff! Even though they have been busy, they still took care of all my questions and issues in a timely manner.

- Ben Smith