Northgate Oaks: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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I have lived here for 2 years. When I first applied I was approved right away. David was so helpful and still id til this day. I was skeptical at first because I had not seen the place before I moved in since I lived far out of town. Any maintenance request they’re right on it. Gate has been broken a little more frequently lately and my guest got his window smashed out but other than that I had the best stay possible. No roaches no noisy neighbors. Glad they took away towing. I will miss this place. But glad I was able to be comfortable

- Kamdra Wilder


One of the worst move in processes I’ve ever dealt with. They constantly tell you that they will reach out to you and they never do. Yesterday I caught them ignoring my call. I called several times and finally walked in the office and called at the same time. They were just letting the phone ring. I am currently still waiting on my spare key because they supposedly haven’t made spare keys yet and of course I was told someone would reach out today and they never did. I saw people in the gym and asked if I had access to it and was told I had to wait until they fix the front gate. Now we know that that front gate repair is not going to happen anytime soon because it’s been stuck open since we first started looking at the apartments. We had to literally make them tell us if we were even approved or not by repeatedly calling and finally just walking in the office and sitting down in front of them and asking them what was going on. They apparently have a strategy of giving people the run around hoping that you will just stop bothering them. So far they always seem to have an excuse but will offer no courtesy or accommodation for it. We are already seriously regretting moving here.



I have loved my home from start to finish. David has made everything easy to understand and has taken care of all of my issues, should there have been any. He is super polite, prompt and professional. There are misfortunes that take place anywhere you live, but ultimately all in all, everything you need to know is delivered upfront. The lease agreement outlines it all. The community is quiet in comparison to other communities in the area and I feel that the property is properly upkept and nice. I will miss my home and should I ever consider leasing again, I wouldn't mind coming back.

- Jas S


Beautiful apartment complex with a pool, lake and dog area. Lots of parking spaces with easy access to 1960 and TC Jester. The apartment itself was in excellent condition when moved in. The 1BD is spacious with big windows and a good-sized balcony. Appliances are new. David at the leasing office was fantastic during the tour and the move in process, knowledgeable, responsive and there to help with anything.

- Christos Bletsios


*pics included(not all I have).* I have long days working and I just needed a place that was honest and kept up with their apartments without me having to stress much but among other things, heres a few. Some of the extra fees they add to your monthly rent is valet trash and monthly trash fee , so you get 2 different trash fees. Which are not as low as you would think. Added some pics to show the things done to make it look good I guess. The filter seen goes over the stove, under the microwave which is weird because where does steam exit? Well they flipped it around to make it seem new. The blinds that were broken by previous tenants were glued back together as you can see in the pic. They take a long time to fix things like the gate breaking down. And I have the dates on these pics on my phone that show they were taken right after moving in. Also there is no gate code, only remotes. So if something happens to it, you are paying for a replacement. And do not get me started on this beaten up carpet.

- Roe M