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Women’s History Month Series: BH Recognizes Chrissy Barker, Regional Manager

March 18, 2024 |

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked BH’ers to nominate women who exemplify the BH values and go above and beyond to provide The Mint Experience. We received a whopping 68 nominations! Although it was hard to narrow the list to just five, we will feature these wildly awesome women all month. Our third BH rock star is Chrissy Barker, Regional Manager, Glen Allen, Va.

Chrissy displays exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and a compassionate approach to both her team and the community she serves, making her much deserving of this honor.

Chrissy’s remarkable qualities as a mother of three shine in every aspect of her work as she gracefully tackles challenges and ensures her team feels appreciated and supported. One of Chrissy’s greatest strengths is her ability to cultivate a culture of appreciation and recognition within her team. From the first moment, Chrissy makes her team members feel valued and respected, continuously honoring their contributions throughout the year. Her genuine care and appreciation help foster a positive and motivated work environment, driving success and cohesion within the team.

Chrissy’s intelligence and professionalism are evident in every interaction, particularly during meetings with owners and upper management. Her insightful contributions and strategic thinking not only elevate discussions but also showcase her deep understanding of the industry and commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, Chrissy’s unwavering commitment to conduct business with integrity and adherence to the highest standards is truly commendable. She ensures that her team follows the BH standards, even when faced with uncomfortable or difficult situations. Her dedication to one of BH’s core values of “doing business the right way” not only upholds the integrity of the organization but also instills trust and confidence among her team.

A colleague recalls one particularly memorable instance that exemplifies Chrissy’s compassion and commitment to delivering the Mint Experience during a recent site visit. “A young woman came into the office and described a very traumatic experience she had with a bat. Chrissy went above and beyond to ensure the situation was handled with care and sensitivity, supporting both the resident and the Community Manager. She calmed the distressed resident and took the appropriate measures to address the situation effectively.”

Today, and every day, we celebrate Chrissy’s compassion, integrity, and commitment to excellence, which make her a true asset to BH.