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BH Executive Q&A Series: Jennifer Davis, Managing Director, Asset Management

April 22, 2024 |

Each month, BH features a different member of our wildly awesome Executive Team. In this Q&A format, they share thoughts on their role, their career, and the direction of the company in their own words.

So far, we have featured our CFO, Dusty Thomas, and COO, Mel King. Next up, it’s Jennifer Davis, Managing Director, Asset Management.

What is the biggest challenge you’re currently facing? How will you overcome it?

Effective asset management relies on several tools in the toolbox, including opportunistic disposition or refinance. With interest rates rising so rapidly and pressing downward on valuations and available leverage, capital transactions have been few and far between. We are successfully overcoming those challenges by focusing on what we can control—adapting strategy, controlling spend, and collaborating with our BH teammates to optimize performance.

What is something you are most proud of working for BH?

Being part of a company with such great integrity and great care for its people. When I first met BH in 2006, we managed about 35,000 units. Given the growth and institutionalization we’ve achieved since then, some companies could have lost their way. But, BH continued to focus on its biggest asset—its people—and we just keep getting better.

What is your favorite BH value, and why?

“Do business the right way” is the strongest thread in the BH fabric. If you commit to doing what is right every time and in every situation, you’ll achieve optimal outcomes for all–our residents, employees, business partners, and investors. Plus, it just feels good to do the right thing!

What “keeps you up at night”?

Interest rates! Since that is out of my control, the more productive question of “What can we do better?” is ever-present. I’m always looking for a more efficient, effective, and scalable approach to what we do. What can we automate or visualize better? How do we use the data in a new way to consider every option?

What helps you sleep at night? (In other words, what things help you handle the everyday challenges of your position?).

I sleep really well knowing the strength and character of the team at my side. We are so fortunate to work alongside our teammates across BH to find creative ways to solve challenges. Whatever comes our way, we can handle it! I see that every day and know that I don’t have to have all the answers.

What do you like to do in your free time to relax?

Being outside clears my head, so you’ll usually find me walking, biking, kayaking, or playing pickleball with my husband. During the long winters, we enjoy University of Michigan basketball games. I love training our dog, riding my horse, and spending time with our family and friends. If I need to decompress, Lake Michigan does the trick every time.