BH Green Initiative Gets Big Savings

January 31, 2022 |


There will always be an ongoing need for water and energy conservation to sustain our environment. There are also many costs associated with being a home renter, whether you’re living in a single-family home or living in an apartment community. Clients and owners also want the comfort of knowing their communities have the best fixtures and equipment to reduce usage and costs. It is easy to encourage residents to reduce shower times, use cold water instead of hot when doing laundry, and rely on natural light to decrease electric usage to conserve water and energy daily, but those efforts can sometimes be inconsistent and not enough to see impactful conservation and savings.


BH committed to doing its part by making a conscious effort to invest in and implement tools and resources to conserve water and energy at its communities. BH’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint birthed the BH Green Initiative comprising construction, operations support, and data analysis to oversee environmental and social initiatives. Since October 2017, BH has taken various water and energy conservation measures by installing water-efficient fixtures, energy-saving appliances, LED lighting, solar screens, and irrigation systems in 114 communities across 17 states.


Success following the implementation of these various conservation measures indicate the BH Green Initiative was a step in the right direction to help the environment, BH communities, residents, and partners. Across the participating communities, achieved savings include:

  • 2.2 billion gallons of water
  • 92 million kWh of electricity
  • 49k metric tons of CO2

For an average of $153 saved per unit per year and 17,090 gallons of water per unit per year.

Community Spotlight


642 units in Dallas, TX

Savings are as high as $172 per unit

Silverbrook saved $365,645, an average of $570 per unit per year after low-flow faucet and showerhead installation.

The Adair

232 units in Atlanta, GA

Savings are as high as $166 per unit.

The Adair saved $92,568, an average of $399 per unit per year after low-flow faucet and showerhead installation.