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5 Reasons To Love Working at BH 

June 17, 2022 |

At BH, we have a history of attracting and retaining top notch talent because we focus on taking care of our employees. When we take care of them, they can take care of our residents. We aim to create a workplace where everyone can thrive, and we take a head-on approach to continually adapting and improving our culture.  

Over the past few years, we significantly restructured our policies and programs to support our workforce. First, we gained insight into what matters most to our team members by engaging in meaningful conversation and interviewing focus groups. Then, we put our creative problem solvers to work, developing and implementing programs that have *actually* improved the lives of our people both in and outside of the office.  

What makes us any different than the average employer, you ask? Here are 5 unique reasons why our people love working at BH.  

1. Elevate Your Career 

When you work at BH, we want you to have all the tools you need to be successful on the job. We encourage employees to get licensed and certified, and we provide 100% reimbursement upon successful completion of the coursework. CAM, CAPS, HVAC, or CPO are just a few of the certifications BH’ers have taken advantage of on our dime.  

2. Be Happy, B.Healthy 

At BH, we take great care to create a healthy workplace culture, and we know that starts with a holistic approach to our employees’ wellbeing. Through B.Healthy, our corporate wellness program, employees can enjoy access to exclusive content that promotes both mental and physical health. In partnership with Valet Living, all BH’ers can enjoy access to the Torch Fitness app. From fitness classes to cooking, art, entertainment, and DIY projects, Torch classes are designed to offer in-home activities guided by a live host.   

Research shows that just six minutes of reading can reduce employees’ stress by 68% and improve their mental wellness, so BH decided to offer our team members access to BeanstackTM by Zoobean, an app that promotes reading through book suggestions, company challenges, a tracking log for minutes and books read, and more. Best of all, Beanstack is family friendly, encouraging families to read more and read together.  

3. Take a Time-Out 

We want our employees to flourish personally and professionally. Sometimes, we all need a break from the grind, so we introduced our sabbatical program to give our team members a well-earned time out.  

After seven years of service, BH employees are eligible to take four weeks of consecutive time off. We want individuals to take this time and focus on their total well-being, so we deactivate employee emails and communications during sabbaticals, which are reinstated upon return.  

4. Give Back, On the Clock 

One of our core values is creating community, and we believe that extends beyond the walls of our own properties. We empower our teams to help those in need through the BH Gives Back program, which grants every employee eight hours of paid time to volunteer at a local charitable organization of their choice. To date, more than 70,000 hours have been donated to local charities across America.  

5. Babies at Work 

Through BH’s Babies at Work program, new parents can bring their babies into work after parental leave ends until babies reach six months of age. This allows parents to continue bonding with newborns during the first months of life, while providing flexibility to make the transition back to work easier on new parents. New parents working in the corporate office get access to a designated quiet room and can select an alternate care provider to assist when needed.   

At BH, we’re in the business of putting people first, both in our communities and at work. We strive to provide meaningful benefits and resources to make working at BH mean more. Our culture supports and celebrates our employees as whole people with families and lives outside of the workplace, and we continue to adapt our company policies to reflect our values. We’re doing more to support every BH’er by creating a better workplace so our employees can create a lifestyle they love.