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We’ve been in multifamily real estate investment since 1993. From institutional investing to property management, entrust your investment to a vertically integrated team that’s fully vested in the outcome of your property.

  • Institutional Investment

  • Due Diligence

  • Asset Management

  • Investment Relations

  • Property Management

  • Architecture & Design

  • Construction Services


You say, “value-add”. We say, “how high?”

At BH, we create value-add opportunities far beyond run-of-the-mill renovations to maximize returns on your investment.

Optimize to outperform

Good is never good enough. With a diversified portfolio spread across regions, we can create operational efficiency through scale and deliver greater value.

Successful execution

With nearly 30 years of experience successfully buying and selling multifamily real estate, we have long-standing relationships with buyers, sellers, and brokers that gets us access to deals.

Eco-sustainable projects

We seek opportunities to make communities environmentally sustainable and financially feasible, deploying our Green Initiative’s myriad of water and energy saving measures.

Data-driven, future-focused

We use deep market-level data – including historical rent growth and revenue – from our own assets to find and assess investment opportunities.


 Shared goals lead to better outcomes.

At BH, we’re confident in our ability to create desirable homes and communities for our residents, so we invest alongside our partners to ensure we’re aligned to a common goal.

billion dollars in total multifamily acquisition costs Since 2000

billion dollars co-invested alongside institutional equity

million dollars raised and invested through general partnerships


Get to know the BH Equities team.

We’re experienced investment professionals, who share an innovative spirit and are committed to BH being the smarter way to invest.

Harry Bookey


31 years with BH

Joanna Zabriskie

President and CEO

10 years with BH

Mike Baker

Senior Managing Director, Acquisitions

12 years with BH

Jennifer Davis

Managing Director, Asset Management

10 years with BH

Dusty Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

8 years with BH


Because the work we do matters.

We have an enormous responsibility to do what’s right. At BH, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the lives we touch, the environments we impact, and the communities we serve.

BH Green Initiative

We’re building a brighter tomorrow, saving over 2.8 billion gallons of water and 120 million kilowatt hours through our conservation efforts.

Community involvement

In just the past five years, BH has donated more than 70,000 hours of paid time off to employees, so they could give back to local charities.

Supporting healthy lives

We actively promote mental and physical well-being with community services and tech.


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Case Studies

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