Vicino on the Lake Apartments and Townhomes: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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I am moving to Vicino on the Lake Apartments and my experience with the administration has being wonderful. They listened to my concerns of safety and mobility. I look forward to living there. The grounds where well kept. It is nice to see big trees, flowers and the lake in the middle of all the surrounding businesses. Thank you again.

- Mary Jane Padron


The Assistant Manager was very friendly and informative. The property was cleaned, well maintained, no litter on the grounds. Noise level was minimum, residents were polite. The location is great for shopping and entertainment, the highway is nearby. Yes, I would consider Vicino on the Lake, my future home.

- Blessed B


TLDR: Would not recommend. The apartment complex location itself is wonderful and very conveniently located. The lake is beautiful, and I have loved being able to take walks in the surrounding neighborhood. The ducks and geese are so fun to have around the complex, especially when they have babies. However, working with the staff is more often than not a major headache. The interior of the apartment is a far cry from the unit we were shown during the tour. This is to be expected, but we were shocked at just how cheaply maintained the property is. The stairway railing is a constant safety hazard because it repeatedly comes dangerously lose. The basement floods during heavy rain or storms. The paint peels and falls off if you even breathe on the walls or doors. The valet trash service is a scam and unfortunately this entire operation seems to be quite shady. The parking is entirely illogical and as there are no assigned spots for residents there were many nights when we could not find parking close to our unit. For the most part the staff is polite and friendly to deal with in person, but they rarely answer the phone or respond to emails. Our move out process has been plagued with one error after another. They tried to charge us hundreds of dollars over what we actually owe for our last month, so I would be sure to double check your ledger before submitting any payments. I am the primary resident and went in person to the office and called multiple times to try and resolve our final rental amount situation. However, Melinda only dealt with my boyfriend and failed to give me any chance to talk with her about the situation and did not provide me with any updates even after I requested to be kept in the loop. I had to call five times, leave a message with another employee, and call again before receiving any information about our rental payment. I felt completely ignored and dismissed by staff which was extremely frustrating and sadly this was not the first time I've felt that way. There is a constant battle of "he said she said" with the leasing office so be sure to keep track of ALL your communications with them. I sent in our lease non-renewal notice two months prior and yet during our final week we were stuck dealing with complications and errors, because they failed to document our move in the system. The leasing office failed to respond to any of the inquiries from any of the homes we applied for about our rental verification and significantly delayed our ability to find a new place to live. This is the first home where I lived with my boyfriend and our cats, so because of that I will always have fond memories of Vicino on the Lake. Unfortunately, our move out has been an absolute nightmare and has irreversibly tarnished my opinion of this company and their staff.

- Mayme Williams


I toured with Sasha. She is a DOLL! Absolutely loved her! She’s super friendly and very knowledgeable! The apartments are spectacular and the amenities are amazing! I mean, FOUR pools?!? Units with lake views! Sand volleyball! An outstanding fitness center! Vicino on the Lake truly has it all!!! It’s awesome! The staff seem very friendly as well and I’m sure any tour with them would have been great, but I’m glad I toured with Sasha! Our personalities matches so much, it made her easy to talk to! I hope I can live here REAL soon!

- Kia Jefferson


I recently renewed my lease, the process was “seamless”. The management personnel and staff are always very helpful, friendly and courteous and, it’s a pleasure working with professionals. I’m glad to be staying at Vicino on the Lake. The property is well managed, safe and it’s quiet. It’s also very peaceful. Happy to rate the property and staff with five stars. They all deserve my “top rating”. Thanks

- Zanda Bell