The Woodridge Apartments: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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If you have another option to live elsewhere, choose it. The price is attractive, but that’s the only thing that is. You’re gonna get exactly what you pay for, so if you can afford it live somewhere else. The buildings are dated, no renovations since 1970 dated, there’s always trash build up so they can’t even give the allusion that this is a nice place. Don’t even get me started on the sewage smell. And most importantly, rats 🙃 Maintenance takes months to fix things, and because everything is dated a lot needs fixing but there are only 2 men that maintain the whole complex (which isn’t fair to them but still) Please don’t live here.

- aleyah williams


I applied here in April and was denied, I was told application fee is nonrefundable, which I’m fine with but the admin fee is refundable and I’ve been trying for 2 months to get my money back. The check was originally mailed to the incorrect address than lady in office kept telling me she would call back once check was returned. Never got the call and everytime I call now, nobody picks up. DO NOT APPLY HERE The other review say it’s roach and rat infested. But I needed to move immediately so I was willing to go anyway. Wish I never applied..

- Briaunna Brown


I have been here for over three years, without no major issues other than a few maintenance requests getting handled timely and effectively when I first got to the complex. Since then, there has not been any issues with maintenance. They always worked with me over the years which most complexes will not. No major complaints other than leasing office response time but that seems to be improving with the new property manager.

- Edward Jinks


Please DO NOT RENT HERE! I currently have a hole in my roof been here now over a week. Not only that my apartment has flooded from sewer backup in both bathrooms. ALSO 2 other roof leaks and my washer has a back up when anyone in the building washes. They have not done anything about it or showed any concern. I have renters insurance and just will keep filing claims!

- Shawn Robinson


I was expecting a baby summer of 2015 & Woodridge was a last minute rush decision since the apt complex I was going to move in kept giving me the run around. I needed somewhere to live, my baby needed a home. My husband & I were so happy to be moving in our very first apt but... From day one I've had issues. My door wasn't locking properly, it looked like it had been kicked down, there was glass all on my patio from a window "repair" my patio was dirty. I guess whoever lived in my apartment before me had a dog & didn't clean up very well behind the animal....Gross!! The roaches were terrible. My AC didn't work for a whole year, it got "fixed" summer 16 but broke down on a constant basis. I didn't receive mail at my address for almost a year since the mailboxes were broken. The laundry facility has been down since I moved in March 2015. Management is terrible. New management ever other month. The play with your rent money. I've had late payment notices placed on my door multiple time because they can't keep up with the books (luckily we keep all receipts.) they even filed an eviction on us before (but since mail was being held at the post office we didn't know about it.) the sheriffs came ready to put my husband & I out on the streets with our child although we had been paying rent. Another case of switched management. The management before was stealing the money. Again thank goodness for receipts. There are no lights for the hallways so if you're coming home after dark you must use a flashlight to see the path ahead of you. The carpet is cheap & rough & looks dirty fast! I would never let my daughter play on the floor. Absolutely the worst apartment ever. But it surely was a learning experience. While I am extremely thankful to had been blessed with a home for my child I wish my experience could've been better. It was my first apartment & it was so terrible to live here that I couldn't even enjoy it. But my husband & I stayed humble & worked hard, now I am moving to a much better apartment in a nicer community. Did I mention the mold!? 😩

- Reka K