The Venue at Werner Park: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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The entire experience was a pleasure. Jill was a very kind woman and helped me through my first ever apartment renting process wonderfully! On top of the area looking beautiful, I can't wait to move in~

- Rosten Benitez


Jill, the leasing agent was very informative and sincere while presenting the beautiful complex. Looking forward to becoming a resident!

- Tat Santos


My initial tour of the property offered an amazing first impression that has continued to hold true. I officially moved into this incredible apartment complex! Holly has been so helpful and made the transition into my new home seamless. I love the security features this complex offers and believe this will be a great place to live.

- Leah Newell


I loved living here, although rent is very high, they offer payment plans through a place called Flex, which was very helpful. Holly was an amazing person, she always helped me out with everything and greeted me whenever she saw my dog and I. The clubhouse was amazing, a grill for everyone to use and fire pit, lots of activities, huge pool and always doing something, whether it's food trucks or doggy pool day, and the car wash was awesome. Apartment was amazing too, very big for a one bedroom and I loved having newer/ modern appliances. One main reason I had picked this place and didn't renew my lease is the promise of a dog park, it says there's one of their website and I was told it was going to be built while I had lived there, but never happened, instead new buildings are being put up, I thought the whole time they were doing construction, it was going to be a dog park but while living there and reading reviews I saw that it was going to be apartments instead. I was very disappointed in this considering how much rent was, and then the turn around. And another small reason is I thought that we were going to be okay with the fireworks at Werner Park, even though my dog is terrified, but I thought it was going to be scheduled and at certain times - oh how wrong I was - sometimes I'd be passed out and they would have fireworks going off at 11 pm and on very random nights, I know this is not the Venues fault but it is something to take into account. It's only during summer time but it was painful for my boy to wake up out of a dead sleep to a sound he didn't like very much. All around a good place to live and I loved living here for the year I did, thank you Holly (:

- Mykela


All around great place to live! Management was very easy to work with - friendly, great communication and availability, and always addressed any concerns I had immediately. Maintenance was excellent as well - any issues were repaired well and in a timely matter. My apartment itself was modern and in great condition. Community amenities were great - my favorites were the gym and the car wash! Location here was also perfect as it’s right on 370 and right next to Werner Park!

- Aleah Strength