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We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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I’ve only been here for two months and had to deal with outlets not working, the back of the fridge had a infestation of fruit flies. The AC unit broke and now I’m dealing with a infestation of mice. No one answers my calls or email and or they respond weeks 2-3 weeks later. Unacceptable.

- Jada King


You can never reach these people. Seriously. No matter what time of day, opening and or closing. They do not answer. We’ve had 3 changes in property management in the last 1-2 years. For working people who cannot come into the office during the day, they should be able to pick up right? I’ve walked in the building while calling and watched them ignore me. I have two late fees on my account that I’ve been begging to have removed. My lease says rent is late on the 5th but they charge the late fee on the 3rd. I’ve explained this a million times and have been told it would be taken care of and NOTHING has happened. I miss when Ms. Irene was here. Ugh

- Bionca Wilson


I applied here and never once heard from anyone. I called over 30 times left over 10 voicemails and multiple emails. Drove by twice with office door locked. After over a week i was denied because they raised the rent and i no longer qualified from my income and a 2 year old collection. They want the $190 for you to apply and that’s it. Nobody is trying to work. I thought i would get approved because they had 0 deposit for good credit half deposit for ok credit and full deposit for bad. So if you have any negative items no matter how many don’t bother applying. This is my 3rd apt i applied for where they raised the rent after applying so i know they aren’t the only ones but at least the other ones called to tell me and said it was because of demand and asked if i had someone else to go on the lease to increase my income. Also this is the first complex that does non refundable deposits just an fyi… clearly it’s a fee they are calling a deposit but a deposit gets refunded. This is the first I’ve heard of nonrefundable deposits so want to warn people of that.

- Monica Keeler


The bullying twins in the back of the community will harm your children and threaten to kill them. The apartment complex won’t do anything. Neither will the police. Completely unsafe.

- Victoria Stanley


I been here for 1 year , I couldn’t even move my stuff out because it was infested with roaches !!!!!! I have videos and pictures . Pest control couldn’t even help the situation . I put in a two months notice and no one contacted me until I moved out and basically charged me double rent . Save yourselves! My building neighbors complained about the roaches soon as a particular person moved out and I complained to them about it for 6 months straight ! It got worse in the winter ! The manager was sweet but very flirtatious. They half fix things even the maintenance man have issues with each other about fixing things . I will take this to court !

- Keke The Brat