The Oasis at Pavilion Park: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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I have put in several work orders in the past few weeks and Alfredo always comes and fixes what I need. He is very friendly and professional. He is pleasant and gets what I need corrected. If I make a request and it’s been a few days I just call the office and the ladies at the office are always friendly and helpful and notify maintenance and they come right away. I even put in a request on the holiday of 09/05 due to my a/c and 7 minutes later Alfredo was there and corrected the problem. That is very important to me because I have an infant in the home. All apartments homes have issues, just as living in your own home, but living here I feel relieved because I know that Alfredo will come and take care of it for me.

- Ruby Sunday


There is no 24 hour emergency maintenance phone number as required by law in Midland County, my roof has been leaking for over a week completely flooding my bedroom, even after several reports maintenance has never come by to look at it. All off the amenities advertised have been "under maintenance" since long before even the older tenants moved in according to them. Valet trash sounds great, but what it really means is that every time you walk out your front door there's trash bags that have been sitting in the breezeways for days. Here you pay a premium for shoddy service, if you're lucky enough to get any service at all.

- TheRoulette (TheRoulette)


Horrible experience. I've lived here for two years and they towed my car for having a registration sticker outdated by a month. It's funny how they can afford to tow their resident's vehicles but not once has the front gate been operational in my two years living here. Do not fall for the lies on their website, half of the amenities they advertise are non-existent. There is no tanning bed, half of the gym equipment is either missing or out of service, and the spa at the pool has not been operational once in the two years I've been here. Not to mention, an email was sent out to all of the residents promising to have "the pool at full operation again no later than March 30th." - The pool did not open until 5/28, two whole months after they promised. The walls are incredibly thin. You can hear every footstep an upstairs neighbor takes and you can hear every conversation your wall neighbor has. When it comes to maintenance requests, forget it. I had the drywall from the ceiling above my shower coming apart due to multiple leaks from the upstairs neighbors (apparently their kid kept overflowing the bathtub). My bathroom ceiling started falling apart in September and it was not fixed until February, six whole months later. After multiple maintenance requests and plenty of patience, the only reason they finally decided to fix it was because I had informed them that I could lawfully break my lease early because of their refusal to make repairs. This place is a joke. If you don't want to worry about getting your car towed AT YOUR OWN HOME, please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

- Nik C


My name is iver, The office ladies are the best out there! They gave me pretty good run down of the place, the apartments are very nice, affordable especially in this competitive market they do have some pretty sweet deals on all they’re floor plans. Was recommended by a coworker to checkout and I was not disappointed this might be one of the best apartments in midland.

- IT Productions


I enjoyed living here. I think most people would be happy living here, since it checks the most important boxes. The management are really nice people, and I would consider living here again. The good: affordable, good neighbors, friendly management, clean complex, less than 10 year old buildings, big sinks, big water heaters, and a colony of swallows. The bad: water is not softened, the turn out onto Big Spring is annoying at rush hour, management is not always prompt, internet monopoly is suddenlink, and the pool hours are limited. The ugly: the landscaping by some of the buildings.

- William Clark