The Falls and Woods Of Hoover Apartments: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Brian is a great leasing agent. He kindly showed me the entire property in addition to 4 apartment units so that I could get a feel for the community. He explained the whole leasing process with great support. I will recommend Brian and the helpful staff on your next apartment hunt!

- Micheal Mays


I gave this place a 5 star rating a week and 5 days ago. I checked the move in checklist that everything was working best of knowledge until I started using things around the apartment. The second day of being there my pipe under kitchen sink overflowed with water. Granted maintenance came out and said it was the ring around the pipe went bad. Okay he replaced it and know soon as he left it overflowed again. My boyfriend took a look and saw the pipe was to short, but nudge it enough to give it some slack so the water wouldn't come out. Then I've put in a few work orders from door sweep and outlets mailbox and only one plug was able to be fixed because the maintenance guy was uncomfortable fixing the second one because of all the wiring He said someone with more experience will need to fix this one. They have track lights over the fireplace and dining room. Never was told when I signed the lease that the residents are responsible for replacing those light bulbs. My mailbox still not fixed, but the work order was closed like it was So I had to put in another request and still waiting. I cannot get my mail. Let's not talk about pest control They only come in and check the kitchen and not the entire apartment. Thankfully I always spray when I move into a new location. Never in a million years that I've had bad experience from the beginning of living at an apartment. I thought this place would be good, but for the price you are paying it should be much better.

- Kisisha Robertson


Pretty good place to live. The inside of the apartment is spacious and in good condition. As far as rent price goes it’s about as good as you’re going to find in Hoover without sacrificing quality. The air conditioner did go out once last summer, however it was promptly fixed within a couple hours. Overall I am very happy with my choice of apartment living and will be staying for the foreseeable future.

- todd homan


DO NOT MOVE HERE. I moved from Ridge Crossings last week because this apartment was slightly cheaper(huge mistake). The day I got my keys I was informed my AC wasn’t working. I’m sitting in 81 degrees all day. I’ve been told due to the temperature outside this is what I would have to deal with. After several maintenance request I went in the office. I’ve been pushed off by management. The assistant manager wouldn’t speak to me until I insisted. Per our phone conversation, I asked if I should be expected to sit in 81 degrees for hours- she responded I shouldn’t have to. I informed her that I know 2 people on the 3 rd floor in this same complex, whose AC cools to the proper temperature everyday. She stated: some units are newer than others. The property manager didn’t respond to my calls or emails until after I contacted corporate. She informed me maintenance stated the unit was working properly, and if they called an outside contractor, I would be responsible if he didn’t find anything wrong. The outside contractor stated “the unit was doing as best as it could do.” This was by far the worst move and experience I’ve ever had to deal with. All I want to do is pay my rent and be comfortable. Instead, I’m sitting in an apartment miserable and sweating all day. Further actions will be taken.

- dana anice


The experience was wonderful, starting with the initial phone call. Tammy made me feel at home from the moment we spoke on the phone til we met in person. She welcome me to the facility as if I were already a resident. I enjoyed every second of the tour and felt as if I've gained a friend with Tammy. The place was an extreme delight to visit. I would most definitely recommend The Falls and Woods of Hoover to anyone. It was a pleasure!!!!

- Edward Jackson