The Fairways at San Marcos: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Just took the "self guided tour" aka, I interrupted the leasing agents lunch. Had to ask for directions to the show unit several times. She definitely didn't want to help me look at the property, and now I know why The property is..... disgusting and unkempt. The tour path to the vacant unit was littered with trash and debris, most patios were filled with trash, leaves and dirt. Sign on the pool says "closed until further notice".... what a great impression. That being said, the "upgrades" are a pathetic attempt to justify the insane rental prices. Don't waste your time.

- Siegren Corbin


When moving here there appeared to be a mix up of what type of apartment we viewed vs what we received on move in. When asked about this, management stated to move into what we wanted there would be a five hundred dollar transfer fee. Did not receive good customer service. We moved into a apartment with 20+ needed repairs, pre existing damage, fire sprinkler literally hanging from the ceiling. We had to stop scheduling repairs due to amount of time off work it was requiring to fix all 20+ repairs. We pay a mandatory doorstep trash pick up that never is consistent if they pick up your trash or not. Grass near us hasn't been cut in over a month and a half, Dog bags or dog garbage containers have not been replaced or changed out in over the two months we have lived here. I do not recommend this complex to anyone. Advertisement and tours made it seem completely different from my actual experience. Out of 4 complex's I have ever lived in this complex by far I would rate the worst experience.

- Karen Peterson


Apartment was disgusting upon move in. Hot water does not work. Terrible office staff and manager. You can find much better somewhere else. Update 9/8/22. I’ve been here almost 3 months. There are still several things that need to be done in my apartment. Management is terrible and they could care less what your unit looks like because they don’t have to live here. Units are gross. They need a lot of remodeling and are charging way to much. Carpet isn’t clean, screens in doors are broken and dirty, air vents are disgusting and barely blow out air because they are so dirty. Can’t wait to move some where else, this place is the worst.

- Tenaya Claiborne


Probably, in my opinion, one of the worst apartment complexes in the Chandler area. Was originally a very nice place to live. New management company, BM, has taken over approx two years ago and rents have skyrocketed, (Mine has gone up $600.00 per month) landscaping has deteriorated, they have added on monthly charges for new door locks($40.00 per month) and something called Concierge Trash Collection, which is $20.00 a month. BM arbitrarily added these monthly charges without asking the tenants. I told management that I could lock my own door, carry out my own garbage and set my own thermostat. Just three urban skills I have learned over the years. When I renewed my lease (extenuating circumstances required I stay where I am) they gave me the early bird rate for renewing and then withdrew it because I was 48 hours late to get that rate, even though I explained I was out of town and renewed as soon as I returned. My personal opinion is look elsewhere and save yourself the headaches.

- Steve Vannasdale


If you like constant water shutoffs, lukewarm water, unleashed dogs, and the smell of pot, then by all means please move here. We're supposed to be governed by the federal fair housing act but they don't care. We moved in when the other company owned and they were bad. As time has gone on, these owners aren't a whole lot better. Took a week or two to get my garbage disposal fixed. They never sent someone to look at the giant crack running across my apartment. The floor isn't level. The best part is the golf course view. They say it's luxury but it's average at best. Disappointing because the property has so much potential and is in a convenient location.

- Anne McAuley Lopez