The Corridor: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Not renewing my list this year, rent when from 1400 to almost 2,000 not to mention that the apartment is so small that it looks like a studio. There always garbage everywhere, the back stairs are so full of trash and stinks so much, I be embarrassed when bring friends over, the gate is always broken. Also is impossible to get in contact with the office they never ever ever answers the phone or emails. When you go in person they have a very bad attitude and rude. When I first move here it was Jenny the office manager but now the people in charge there are extremely unprofessional and rude. Don't waste your time calling the office they will not answer no matter what. Worst placed I ever lived.

- Pedro Robles


The Corridor is an apartment complex with a good location, right off of Biscayne. The surrounding neighborhood is safe for walking. The newer building is up to date and modern. These are the best, if not only selling points. The property itself offers no pool, no lobby, no parking enforcement, and a closet sized gym. We learned 60 days before our lease was up that our rent was going up $500 (thankfully we were already planning on moving). They wanted a lot of rent for a place that offers so little. Jen was originally the manager and she was wonderful. When Monica and Karen took over, things dramatically changed. The rules stopped being enforced…trash was overflowing, parking spots were full with non-residents. Management became barely involved and difficult to reach. After being non-problematic, on-time rent paying residents for two years, they still treated us with poor service and little respect. When we moved, an awful taste was left in our mouths. Firstly, they sent our check to the wrong address which delayed it by a month. Secondly, The Corridor took over $200 from our security deposit for made-up reasons that were poorly documented and not justified by the lease. I personally wouldn’t recommend this apartment to anyone I loved or cared about.



Karen was very nice and professional, she guided me thru all the process to fill up the application and sign the lease, however I didn’t see the apartment yet since it wasn’t available but she showed me a video of it . I will finish this review once I see the apartment that hopefully meets my expectations according to what I sow in the video.

- Gustavo Pedrozo


I moved into the corridor the end of July & i have been super happy with the level of help and attention that Karen and Monica, (the two amazing women in the office) have provided. They are extremely nice, & welcoming. Every question I have or concern is answered promptly, even the maintenance team here works incredibly fast to solve any issue. I have recommended this apartment to a few of my friends, and will continue to encourage people to move to The Corridor!

- Elizabeth Mack


I leased with The Corridor this year in their newly constructed building. I typically avoid new construction because things are usually disorganized. I have had a wonderful experience thus far and have not had an experience of disorder to date! The buildings common areas are cleaned and freshened regularly! Anytime I have questions or concerns, the on site management team (Monica and Karen) are very courteous and responsive! They have been such a pleasure to work with so far. The apartments are beautifully done and the location is convenient to everything without being in the middle of everything. In other words, it's a pretty peaceful environment!

- Sharon Johnson