Stone Creek at Old Farm: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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The rent increased 12% last year and this year it increases 18%. If you choose this apartment, you will see a huge rent increase next year or you will have to find another place to move.

- D D


Stone Creek at Old Farm is great!! Ms Taylor manager of the property is great. Very professional and caring making sure us residents are comfortable and our needs are met . Also Ashley is so kind willing to help. She is always so pleasant and goes that extra mile. Maintenance here is great and turn around time to get a ticket done is always within 24 hours unless it cant be helped. Great team !! Safe!! Clean!! A great place to look live!!

- Alicia Rafiq


When I first went, Taylor the community manager behaved exceptionally, very attentive. I was impressed with the way she treated me and my family we felt so good, but since I began to live everything became a nightmare. I am a resident who all I want is for my things to be fixed and to move on, but to this day I have felt that neither she nor the regional has cared. It is very sad and frustrating😔The photos that I just attached are just the minimum of everything that the apartment has. NOT to mention that I cannot leave food defrosting because cockroaches get inside the packages😔I hope that even someone from corporate who cares about their residents can take the time and give me a call. Thank you

- Fernanda Rodriguez


Stone creek has been my home for two years and I can honestly say that once we got new management with Taylor a lot of things started to finally fall into place. The complex is well kept up and any questions or concerns I had, Taylor was always available to answer them. Overall, a great place to call home!

- Shanelle Gomez


I wouldn’t bother coming and living here. This place only cares about taking your money. Like other tenants on here, I’ve experienced roaches ever since I moved in and nothing was done about them. The front office is indifferent about your problems and sometimes there wouldn’t even be anyone there during office hours. Sinks and bathtubs were always flooding due to water not going down efficiently. It’s only pretty on the outside. Our unit’s living room was so uneven you felt like you were walking onto a hill. Don’t waste your hard earned money here, you’re better off going further into the River Oaks area for the price they’re charging here.

- B