Reserve at Sweetwater Creek: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

Google Reviews

These apartments are a nightmare. If I can rate a zero I certainly would. People are stealing parts from your car, and of course there are no cameras. I can only imagine when the pool opens, if it ever does the amount of people that will be in there not even living in the apartments, throwing parties and just ruining it for everybody. When you fill out a maintenance request is always over looked, been waiting on a board for under my sink for over four months now. There are electrical issues in the apartments in the kitchen where you can’t even use equipment without the power going out on it. There are always people disturbing the peace outside when they are yelling at each other having verbal confrontations being all loud. New management and maintance is a joke. The water bill is almost 130 a month which is outrageous, I have a 2 bedroom apartment there is no way we use that much water, it is not fair when I have two people staying here and I gotta split the water cost between an apartment with five or more people. They decide to go up on the rent almost 300 more before the signing of the lease without any notice. I can keep going on and on but this is pretty much a google rant lol. Do not move here, stay away at all costs

- Erica Williams


The apartment I was shown and currently live in are completely different. The layout and overall aesthetic from day one is sub par based on the model unit and the website. I'm pretty upset looking at the website again, I was lied to. Some may call this false advertising.

- Anthony Gordon


Rhonda was a great help in finding me a home for my son and I to move in on the same exact date i requested. I definitely recommend moving here

- Lakirah Stokes


I have a one bedroom out here and it’s only me that live in my apartment and I’m not very happy that we have a joint water bill. So this month my water bill was $79.00. Each month it’s going higher ad higher. I rest do not like the fact that I have to pay for other people water even if I am not home for a week or 2. However other people can have multiple people at their house hold using way more water than me and you are making me pay their bill!! How I. He world is that fair!! I don’t even know the people who’s bill you are making me pay..

- Akima Taylor


This don’t make no sense My gf been trying to get in contact with someone at the front desk for at least a week or two and nobody has returned my calls, answered the phone, emailed me back or even texted me like this makes no sense.

- Trevonne Milliner