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Excellent service from Jayce. Very professional and friendly. He went over my application and gave me all the information I need it to complete my application. He follow up very quickly after I left to let me know I had been approved. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment at this complex. Thanks a lot Jayce and keep up the good work!

- Sergio Mares


I've never met such an incompetent "team." We were "greeted" with a rude glance and after waiting 5 minutes to be acknowledged by the team, we went to have a seat. After waiting, we were approached by a lady that rudely asked us what we were there to see and after mentioning the layout I was interested in and following her back to her office she stopped, put her hand up and said " hold on, let me find someone to help you" and walked away. After that pointless conversation, we went back to sit down and were approached by another lady that asked us what we came in for and after mentioning the layout again, she stated she was a floater and needed to get more information and walked off again. After another good 7-8 minute wait (25 minutes into this horrible visit) the 1st lady returned to us and said they didn't have any to show us but offered to show us their model that was a 2x2. I then asked if she had any 1x1 to show (as I wanted a visual of the interior) and before I could say anything else, she turned her back to us and walked back to her office (which I'm assuming to check the availability?) but at this point, why not just offer us a seat at your table to have an actual conversation? By this point we were over this visit, apartment and people so we decided to leave and were just starred out of the office. That being said, save yourself the visit. If my short experience was this horrible, I can't even imagine what it's like to deal with them as a resident.

- Nic


We would like to thank Mr. Reinaldo Rivera from BH Management Services for his quality service , he has resolved our toilet issue, door issue, washing machine request.. Though he has to climb to 3rd floor many times, he was very patient and did the job well.. Thank you so much

- Anuhya Velidi


9 months ago. I asked to switch reserved parking area to unattached garage. First the management alocated a garage far from my apartment and they keep charging me for the covered parking area pluse the additional garage. They over charging me on an additional item without my consent. Second, I'm been trying to resolve this issue with the new and old management. They not will to help. They just want to screw the tenant. I asked over and over to releaee the garage and the reserved parking spot which i didn't ask to have them. They making it so difficult. Yesterday, I waited more than an hour at the leasing office, no help offered. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. Sent email to the management no answer. They keep changing the staff and the service from bad to worse. It is my last year with this apparent.

- Ahmed Altaher


Don't expect anyone from the leasing office to answer or reply to your mail. The front office is nonexistent. Such an unprofessional leasing team. We regretted moving in to this apartment. My apartment is infected with roaches. All the appliances are broken ( dryer, microwave and sink drain). They didn't inspect the apartment before we moved in. We stayed for 4 months and got all the problems. Roaches are everywhere no matter what we do. I live next to the courtyard and fleas jump on my ankles whenever I step outside. The gate have been broken for 3 months and they did not bother to fix it. Cannot wait to move out! Updated: the mailroom is always messy. My packages got stolen 4 times because the lockbox were full and they put my packages on the floor with other people's packages.

- Thu Le