New Port Landing: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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I give it to maintenance for trying to keep up with everything as there is always something for them to do IM SURE OF. But urgent requests don't seem that urgent. Went the entire winter without heat while pregnant then having a newborn, had to use space heaters (which u aren't supposed to do in an apartment) which caused my electric bill to sky rocket .. and no compensation. I've asked for screens for my windows since I moved in, still don't have any 8/9 months later. Was never disclosed about the inhabitants I live with... roaches! While pest control is only $2 of the rent you have to request their service weekly on a "first come, first serve" basis (they only spray the kitchen & bathroom when the roaches are EVERYWHERE). Went a little over 2 weeks with no hot water. Plus they rarely ever answer the office phone.. don't know why when I'm sure at least one person is always in there, if not then what are they doing since I only ever see maintenance riding around the property. If it wasn't always something going wrong & if the roaches were at least under control this place would be halfway decent. My rent is $1105 before utilities get added & was told this was an updated apartment. My tiny gas stove, bathtub, bathroom sink & toilet were spray painted. I did get new carpet & counter space (2ft of it lol).

- Kimberly Williams


Terrible neighborhood. Maintenance doesn’t complete requests for the tenants. The people at the main office are never answering the phones. The apartments have no central ac and poor ventilation. For as much as they are charging it’s not worth it. Save your money and just keep looking for better apartments.

- Lenasia Devine


Any good review about this place is fake. Everything is broken constantly charge for random things . Never fix anything they avoid calls and show ups and then constantly say they never got the complaint constantly been sick with mold exposure while pregnant and have to deal with frequent back ups and leaks . Lets not start about pest control. Please save your money and time and do not move here!

- Taco Mamba


Maintenance is non existent. They keep raising rent saying they're making improvements when they are doing the opposite. Nothing works right and Maintenance will just close the request with no resolution or reason. The office is never open and when you talk to them they say we'll make sure they get right on it and nothing comes of it. Everything's dirty and rundown

- Wyked Woody


My husband and I ran across the most respectful and caring young man name Breon he came in to fix our heat system and didn't have all the parts. He gave us his word to fix it and he did just that. I honestly believe he paid for the parts he didn't have out of his own pocket. Great job Young man Sebago 8N

- KrimeScene1%er