Legacy at Fox Valley Apartments: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Had a pipe burst yesterday and maintenance was all over it. He heard it, cut the water off, and when he realized he needed a plumber; he got one on site in under an hour, and then the plumber was able to fix the issue permanently the next day. Great job Jeff, and to anyone who supports him!

- Thomas Boelzner


Sinai and Mike are Awesome! And help me to the fullest capacity. I love my apartment soooooo much!!! Thanks guys you are very much appreciated.

- Nicky H


No property is perfect, compared to some nightmares I’ve dealt with this community is alright. Maintenance can be slow but in truth there’s a lot of idiots who need to be shown how to change a bulb. (I’m sure there’s a clever expression about dim bulbs there) I live for the summers at Legacy, pool/patio is the nicest in Aurora imho. People are friendly but not always social, dog park is a nice perk, as long as it’s not underwater or long overdue for a garbage bag change. Halfway through my third year, highly recommended

- Eric Masson


Discriminate; if you don’t wanna read full review just check other reviews and name of reviewers. it says discrimination loud and clear. Worst service i ever got in my life and my first ever experience with discrimination. I am an immigrant and was looking for a decent 2bd apartment. I was so excited and looked proactively(2 months before), I saw model house and they apartment was still occupied by other tenant. These people ask my so many documents, more than i have ever submitted to anyone, after i submit i paid for application fees, admin fees and sign lease. Went there multiple time to check apartment i was getting but they kept showed us other apartment. Finally they showed original apartment and said they still need some cleaning to do and we will get clean and fixed apartment. The day we moved apartment was entirely trashed. Carpet was stained. Doors missing, Other people's hair everywhere, Spit of other people in sink. Cabinet all stained and broken. Muddy door. Went back and they said there has been a mistake, we will clean. luckily i had my old apartment still for another month. So i said that fine just clean it and i will move next week. I gave them time to fix. Next week i went , again same thing, window was falling, sockets were broken. only they paint cabinet and color came off. Carpet still with stain, sink still i could see other people's spit. I went and ask them they replied "take it or cancel". Their entire attitude change. They did not offer any other apartment. it felt like "that's best they can offer me". I had no other option but cancel. cannot live on trashed apartment after paying 2250$. Next day when i went to grab my check staff gang up on me i stayed quite but they use lots of sarcasm and blame me that they did all work and i did not take the apartment. I did not respond and just ask may be i could talk to manager. they did not let me. I hand them note of list of effort i spend and said i am sad too that this did not work out. was leaving when they created a dramatic scene and said take you check and get out. Threaten to call police. abuse us and said you will not get application fees and get admin fee after 3 weeks, After almost 3 months finally got check of admin fees. they were screaming and shouting a lot, bringing their personal life. it was unacceptable and shocking. Forget about living there, If you are not from certain race or you ate immigrant these people will talk to you like you deserve only trashed apartment and you should take it and be happy with it. instead provide healthy customer service for their mistakes they threaten you. There was so much money, time and effort i have loose not to mention how much mental harassment i have been through those months. Been nice and patience just to get threaten and screamed at. Discrimination was worst experience of any person's life. this was my first ever experience and i hope nobody go through what i went through with legacy staff.

- Niki Mistry\


Excellent Apartments!! We’re having a wonderful stay. Living in this community has been a positive experience. The staff from the Property Manager to maintenance have been fantastic. The guys are friendly, polite and professional. When I call or stop by the office I am always greeted by them and very helpful with any of my needs. The property overall is always kept clean. Very comfortable having guest come to my home to visit me.

- Sai Charan