Lakes At Fountain Square Apartments: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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UPDATE: Moving out of this establishment has been a trainwreck to say the least. After handing in my keys, they told me that I needed to TURN IN MY PARKING STICKER. Which normally, I would have no problem with. However, my car was in the shop in Wisconsin. They then told me that I would have to turn in my sticker before the end of the month or be charged $100. I asked if I could mail it to them, but they did not allow that. Instead, I had to drive an hour to Wisconsin and then an hour back all just to return a sticker that they were going to throw away anyway. It is just interesting how they are so invested in their parking lot when it comes to stickers, but not when residents cars are being broken into multiple times (Which is a problem that has yet to be resolved), and tires are being flattened. I wish there was a list of things I would have needed to do before moving out to make the transition a lot easier (like turning in a parking sticker) Management was snippy and uptight. The manager Elly was there but did not come out to help resolve the situation, instead stayed in her office. I am so glad I will never have to set foot in these apartments again. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I have been living here for 9 months. Within these 9 months I have had two flat tires and my car broken into twice all within one week. The lack of regard for tenant safety is ridiculous. I am a single girl living on her own. I felt very unsafe going from my apartment to my car which is only 100 feet away. When I called management and asked them what they were doing to solve the problem, the only response that they had was "We are not liable for anything that happens in our parking lot." I also asked if they knew this was happening and they replied with "yes we are aware." The fact that this keeps happening, the staff knows about it, and yet nothing is being done on their end is extremely problematic. This community should invest in some cameras facing the parking lot or something to rectify this situation. I have also had several packages taken off of my front stoop since there is no specific place for packages to be dropped off from Amazon except for in front of the apartment building itself. I am moving out as soon as I can.

- Brooke Behl


Elly and Vickie were so helpful getting me into my new apartment! I am so happy to get to move into this beautiful place! They are so nice and appreciated all the help they gave me! My first time renting and was scared but they made process so easy and got me moved in 2 days.

- Jennifer Aviles


Good communication with customers and relatively affordable prices. Definetely recommend.

- Khojiakbar Gayratbekov


Elly was very helpful with me with an issue I have been struggling with for a few months. Kudos!

- Yolanda Blackmon


I was a previous tenant in 2019 for 4 months. I broke my lease early and the transition was really good, as far as communication went. As of 2 days ago I’m back here in a different building and with a dog this time. The staff at the office was amazing, Jazmin in particular. I’m blown away about all of the support and understanding she had with my particular situation. There’s so much area to walk your dog and the neighbors are so friendly already. I have a one bedroom and I love it. Can’t wait to see what the future holds here. Thank you!

- Michelle Gordon