Lakeline Crossing: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Apartments are nice, we moved into a brand new one, so no real complaints there. There were some things that were annoying. But what’s most annoying after moving, was getting our deposit back but the check being returned due to some other reason. Everything was figured out with Lakeline, confirmed return address to get a new check. Check was never received, I called them(it’s always been hard to contact them) emails were sent and nothing, they just stopped communicating. That’s part of the reason our lease was not renewed. Just be wary of this. Update 08/31/2022 have attempted to contact the property manager here, the number she gives in the response to my most recent review is her former job. The number for Lakeline that’s online does not work. It’s just an unnecessary hassle

- Maya Harris


Location is great quiet and enjoyable. The clubhouse is real nice. Maintenance crew is excellent. If they don't get to your work order right away, be patient. They have a lot of work orders to get to which is understandable. Leasing staff is helpful. Joshua Queen is AMAZING. Thank you Joshua for going above and beyond to help me and my wife! Only minor flaw is the gate system that was installed.The app is convenient, but if my phone dies I have to find another way to get in. Sometimes I don't have time to charge my phone coming home from work. A key fob system would be better to avoid this issue. It's not a huge deal but just pointing that out. In terms of price, our rent increased but not by much compared to other quotes that were almost 2000 for a 1 bedroom. Other than that my wife and I are happy living here.

- Jehan Martinez


The worst of worst people in the leasing office. They are friendly and nice to you until you sign the lease and show their true colors later on. 1. When I toured the apartment, I was very particular about having an entryway closet. They keep the closet locked in few apartments and open in some. The unit that I liked had a locked entryway closet. When said that I wanted a unit with unlocked one, Joshua queen promised that he would leave the closet open for me. Made me sign the lease. It’s been a month I moved in, we have been going to and forth to the leasing office to ask them to unlock closet. Today, after a month the manager said it cannot be unlocked. Joshua Queen made me sign the lease and broke the promise blaming the management. 2. I also complained about thrash bags left outside my door by some other apartment and liquids from bags flowing everywhere with foul smell. Yet no action was taken and bags were lying there for several days. 3. Even after sending the renters policy to Joshua on move in day, he missed to update my file. Due to which, BH liability fees were applied to my account and I had to call several times to get the refund. 4. I was told I would be given the mail box key within a week of moving in. After a month, got the key. 5. I was told to not come to the office after 6pm even though Joshua was in there helping other tenants. I just needed a car parking sticker and he was rude to tell that. It takes forever to get the management do their work and they betray you, make you sign the lease and then don’t care about your emails, phone calls. Don’t rent here. If you do, be ready to be going behind the management for getting your work done. Make sure you sign the lease only after they have addressed all your concerns.

- madhuri shashidhar


The complex is under new management and while they have done work to improve the exterior, it is majorly cosmetic. They painted over the dust on the fan. The gym has had only one working treadmill for months. In terms of care for their residents, it is nearly none. Emails regarding strange charges on the account are never replied. It has been over 6 months since I have heard a response. But sometimes they offer treats??? Does not make sense to me. When I call, they do not answer. I would not recommend this complex and if you can afford to live somewhere better, I would. I will not be renewing my lease this year.

- c ly


While the maintenance crew is always extremely responsive and professional and apartments are not very bad there’s still a few major issues. They really dropped the ball since a new management came in. While the apartments are nice I can’t say anything good about the leasing office staff. Get a car port assigned takes 4-5 calls and made me feel like I was asking the staff member to solve a rocket science problem. They can hang up on you with no explanation. No one is cleaning the stair ways, it got to the point when I did it myself cause that was too much for me. Someone threw away a smelly couch under the stairs on the first floor and it has been there for many months now (attaching pictures). A new awesome pool area that was built last year was open at limited capacity last year and this year it is closed. There’s constant garage and car break ins so office notified every one like 6-7 months ago they’re hiring a security to keep the place safe, well that didn’t happen yet maybe just need more time idk. But the new management bought everyone a free pizza and tacos once, so I guess that makes up for all the mess in the community. Also, before moving in make sure there’s no large dogs in the apartments above. I seriously thought someone is wrestling and getting hurt one morning when I woke up due to excessive noise from above. Neighbor said her dogs wanted to play... Another thing worth mentioning is that you’re gonna hear you neighbors walking in their apartment above and sometimes your kitchen light might shake because of that, yes a ceiling insulation is that great. So I suggest you get the top floor apartment and think about your neighbors from below sometimes when you walk, they’ll really appreciate it! Fyi, office did not try to resolve the constant noise issue we had because it wasn’t after 10pm or something like that. While I was having all these issues for the 14 months that we lived here I have to say that maintenance people are usually very prompt and professional. There’s also one or two people in the leasing office who are professional and always try to help but the rest of the office folks don’t seem to look up to them. A package was delivered to the leasing office instead of being delivered to the door. Thanks for not contacting me to let me know you have it. I only found out about that after spending time on the phone with fedex customer care. Paid extra $30 for a 1-day delivery but now it all doesn’t matter because they can’t contact us to let us know they have it. Usually when you call the office there’s no one available so I have to leave a message. Takes about a week for a call back. Great job again. Lease renewal: oh man, this is taking way too long. So we sign the renewal and receive a confirmation that property manager should review it and finalize it. Next week we get an email that the agreement changed and now we have to sign again. Ok, not happy about that but things happen right. So we sign it again and literally the next day they send us another one. Thinking it is a mistake I contact them (so happened they were returning my call from a week ago, lucky me), turns out no, it’s not a mistake and yes the agreement was changed again. Now, I don’t know where they found this management company but I’d like them out of that office and someone who knows what they’re doing to take their place.

- Serge Berlinskyi