City Parc at Keller Apartments: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Amazing staff! Rosalyn went above and beyond. Because of her professionalism and time she took to find the apartment to fit our needs, we signed immediately. Pricing is important but the staff in your apartment home makes ALL the difference. Thank you Rosalyn, we are excited about this move.

- Tori MacFawn


This community doesn't allow Fedex or ups packages to deliver at home and forces the residents must use 3rd party package services fetch package which charges $18/month. Not cheap on top of that service is terrible. I got a package alert my package was received, I immediately scheduled for delivery in the evening 2 hour window. Just 5 min after the start of delivery window time I got message 'your previously scheduled time no longer available'. As the package is important for me I want to pickup at warehouse but it closed at 5pm Saturday. No way to pickup or deliver on the day I need. Why should residents must pay this amount with a terrible service??

- mohhan 001


This place has given my family issues since day 1! First our move in dates were pushed back several days. We were moving in from California and did a virtual tour, spoke with our rep at city parc countless times, and we were EXTREMELY disappointed that our apartment came with the worst blinds, no shower rods, and so many issues to be fixed. Since then, we've had countless issues with the front office and their sense of urgency on issues such as loose dogs chasing my daughter and husband. Right now we are paying for services that don't exist including trash and the amazon hub. Getting any unnecessary fee's removed are near impossible and I'm absolutely convinced all 5 stars here are bought or from management themselves because talking with my neighbors and residence, we all hate it here. Every issue we've had has been "our fault" and they have given VERY LITTLE help with anything. There's nothing here that's great including the gym that's dirty and doesn't provide wipes to clean off equipment. Please look elsewhere for once you move in, all the "hospitality" fades away REAL quick.

- Jojo


While in relocation, Rose Solis has been a major help to me. I was nervous and scared about the outcome of my whole process but just hearing the calm aptitude and assuring tone in her voice made it feel as though she really cared and was there to help me as much as I needed it. I know I annoyed her (she just won’t tell me) but it seemed as though I did not matter. I really appreciate service like she provided me. Because of that, I am very optimistic that my new venture here will be one of the best yet….

- Samuel Wilson


Rose was a great helper and I love the complex 😁

- Amber Gray