Cadence: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Maddie has been extremely helpful during our application process!! My son also said it’s an amazing property that is beautiful, well maintained and beautifully decorated. We’re so looking forward to making Cadence our home for many, many years!!

- James McNeeley


I've been living at Cadence for a while now - I absolutely love it. It's modern, clean, and safe. The new management team is wonderful as well and truly care about the residents needs. They quickly take care of any issues that come up and do everything in their power to ensure the residents are happy. Thank you to management for making living at Cadence enjoyable and stress-free.

- Sabrina Smajlovic


I moved here from Arizona with my fiancé and baby girl and we got this apartment within 2 days. I’ve been here for almost 6 months now and this has been the best apartment complex compared to any in Arizona. I did have my car break into and someone stole my bag with all my cards and information. I do not blame the apartments but the people outside of them. I parked farther in the back with in the complex after returning home at 2 in the morning from being in the hospital all day and did not care to bring my bag in I was so tired and in pain. But other than that I park in the handicap with my plaque to make sure all cameras are faced on my car and nothing ever since. I really do appreciate the staff here they are so welcoming and help with any needs.

- Lia McGuire


Good experience getting the tour, deciding on which apartment and getting the agreement signed. The BAD…. repeat safety concerns with little resolve. During cold weather, a newspaper is repeatedly placed in the “secure” entry that is supposed to be accessible by tenants only. Random people sleeping on or near furniture on main floor. I feel like an investigation into which tenant(s) repeatedly compromised the safety of others should have been conducted and tenant(s) be reprimanded and/or evicted as a result. I’d assume, like every other large city, there are programs in place to assist the homeless. This is not your role. Limited parking. And TERRIBLE response to an issue making the first payment following lease agreement (second months rent payment). There was a problem the day we signed the lease and the card info was entered manually. When the issue resurfaced (on a Saturday, that the office help left early), the $100 charge was applied. Was told on Monday that it was against policy to remove late fee without proper documentation that the portal was not allowing access. Was also told that it was against policy to take my payment manually, as a result. Which is absolute GARBAGE because they took my payment manually one month prior on my very first transaction. No regard for customer service, did not return phone call in timely manner. Another half*ssed employee taking a paycheck. And simply repeating the “script” provided to them. **UNHAPPY**. Get it together.

- Kellie Akins


We really are enjoying our home here at the Cadence Apartments. Management responds immediately to our needs and we appreciate the stress free lifestyle. Their attention to detail in cleaning the common areas is appreciated. With this being a pet friendly complex we are pleased that there are no animal smells in the common areas. In our retirement years we appreciate the friendliness of the staff.

- Rhonda Abshire