Aura at Viera: Reviews

We think this community is top-notch. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our residents have to say about living here. Their experiences tell the story: living here means living here means living more.

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Very easy and fast! I would definitely recommend Aura of Viera ! Not only was it easy and fast, the customer service is phenomenal! They have the most luxurious apartments in Viera. Everyone is super friendly and make it feel welcoming. Can’t wait for a year of excitement!

- Jozayy__ Sancho


My girlfriend and I moved into Aura back in Sep 2021 and it has been a great experience! The apartment personnel are very responsive and helpful. Great amenities and apartments to live in.

- Tucker White


I moved from Texas to Florida and chose Olea of Viera (now known as Aura at Viera)as my residence. I loved what I saw online and had family members in the area check it out on my behalf. Their words were “stunning”. So I applied and moved a few months later. Unfortunately, move in day my floors were anything but “stunning”. There were obvious imperfections as soon as you walked in. It took several calls to management to attempt to resolve. Maintenance made two attempts and only made it worse. They hired a contractor who didn’t do much better, the destroyed my vacuum and Olea had it replaced. I gave up and just bought a larger area rug. There was an issue with the water. It had a horrible rotten egg smell. Lucky for me another tenant complained to the water company and shortly thereafter I never experienced any issues. All of the above was when Olea was managing the property. I didn’t know the name changed and new management was in place until a walked in one day to see “welcome to aura”. I called the office and asked about the change and if I could have information on where to pay rent etc. The Manager said they placed info on our doors - I never received it. I asked if they’d bring up another copy and they said they were all distributed and didn’t have extra. So I had to figure it out on my own. Come Thanksgiving morning when I was heading to visit with family I got stuck in the elevator. I utilized the fire dept button and they came to my rescue. I called the office after the holiday weekend and informed them of what happened. They were more concerned with why I didn’t call them as maintenance could’ve rescued me. I informed them that there was no phone reception. I did get an AMC $25 gift card for my entrapment. Let’s get to why I no longer reside in this community. I realized it was close to me having to give my 60 day notice whether I was staying or moving. I called the office, whom by the way NEVER answers the phone and I do mean never. You have to walk through the office to come and go - they are always chatting amongst themselves. Someone calls me back and says they are looking into it and low and behold I received my renewal. It was for nearly 20% more than what I was already over paying. I went downstairs to discuss the increase and it was clear I was not a priority. The manager needed to help the agent and I stated I would wait. 20 minutes later they re-emerge. The manager states she can’t help me that I’d need to speak with the district manager. I said great put them in the phone. They said I can’t do that they don’t have a number I can give you their email. She proceeded to scribble on a piece of paper. I went back to my apartment and emailed them. I received a response the following day that they’d call me the following day (at their convenience). When I did finally speak with the district manager and asked if it could be negotiated as I hated the thoughts of moving. She said and I quote “absolutely NOT we rented your same unit for $2100 in January. At this point I knew this was not the place I want to be. They have zero respect for their tenants and just as another review stated. They waited until the last minute to provide the renewal giving you little to notice room to secure another option and with the current market. I definitely felt strong armed to renew at the inflated increase. Luckily for me I was able to find something in the same price range I was paying at Aura. It’s also new construction and my floors are even. The new place feels like home and the office answers the phone. If the management team reads this I can only say shame on you for taking advantage of the florida no cap on increases. I am emailing government officials along with fellow renters to change this law so that owners and companies like yourself cannot price gouge in the future.

- Kelly P


Been here a little over a year. The units are generally solid, on par with other “luxury” communities, and the pool area in particular is great. However the lease renewal process was terrible - after requesting a renewal offer a month earlier, we finally received one days before the two month deadline to make a decision. They raised our rent by 20% and refused to negotiate with us at all, even with multiple comparable units vacant. Generally I try not to attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence, but in this case it’s clear that ownership feels a great deal of license to engage in predatory and ethically questionable practices to pressure tenants into renewing at outrageous rates. Given our current situation we had no choice but to renew (so congrats, I guess it worked!) but we have already begun house hunting. The old management was great though! Sucks that a change in ownership can bring down a place that much.

- Jake Timmons


I love my new apartment. The whole experience here at the Aura of Viera has been great. The staff has been so helpful and friendly from the very beginning through my moving into my apartment. I am just getting settled into the apartment and have found everything I had hoped to find. Everyone I have met has been very friendly. I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors.

- Diane Kendrick