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5 Reasons to Love Living at BH 

June 29, 2022 |
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What Living More Means at BH  

At BH, our promise to our residents is to make living here mean living more. Over the past few years, BH has made a concerted effort to focus on what it should feel and look like to live at a BH community. We do more than provide a place to call home in exchange for rent. We strive to create wildly awesome experiences for all our residents in every community. 

Living in a BH community is more than creating a home—it’s about lifestyle. Check out 5 reasons why our residents love calling BH home.  

1. Flexible Payment Options 

Rent is generally one of the highest monthly bills residents pay and — beyond a few days grace period to pay before late fees are applied — they have little flexibility when it comes to paying rent on time every month. BH partnered with Flex to provide flexible payment options while still having rent paid on time. Enrolling with Flex is a simple process: Flex pays rent on behalf of the resident each month, and then the resident pays Flex in two payments throughout the month according to a payment schedule customized to fit the financial setup of the resident. This payment schedule is a great option for residents who may need flexibility to make their paychecks stretch further. 

2. Positive Financial Impact 

 In January 2022, BH introduced positive rent reporting through our partnership with Esusu. The goal of this partnership was to implement services that act as opportunities to better the lives of our residents. Esusu is designed to help residents build credit by reporting on-time rent payments to major credit bureaus. The perks are in the process. 1) residents are automatically enrolled, and 2) late payments are not reported. With that, residents do not have to lift a finger or use an ounce of energy to reap the benefits of positive rent reporting. Currently 42 of BH’s communities offer Esusu with plans to expand to more communities throughout the year.  

Paying rent on time with Flex then having Esusu report payments to credit bureaus sounds like a win-win situation. 

3. All About Convenience 

Featuring convenient services, like having a personal package assistant or trash pick-up from your doorstep, BH communities make living easier. We understand school and work get busy, plans change, and sometimes our residents want to have one less thing to fret over. The days of rushing home to retrieve a package before the leasing office closes or wondering if the carrier delivered the package to the right front door are over. Fetch works with residents individually to deliver packages to residents when it’s most convenient for them. Residents in our communities also enjoy the convenience of trash pick-up services through Valet Living. Rather than hauling garbage bags across the property, residents can leave their household trash outside their front door for convenient pick-up.  

4. Resident Wellness Matters 

Through our wellness platform, BH proudly offers Torch Fitness in partnership with Valet Living. Residents enjoy access to exclusive content, promoting mental and physical health. Torch was designed with everybody in mind. Whether it is H.I.I.T. fitness or yoga, trying a new recipe down to having an in-home dance party, the platform allows fun for everyone. All activities are free and are done from the comfort of home with a live, virtual instructor.  

5. A Breath of Fresh Air 

BH is committed to making our communities cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable to live in. In May 2021, select BH communities began taking the Pure Air Pledge committing not to smoke anywhere on property. Since up to 65% of the air in an apartment community is shared, the Pure Air Pledge makes living more comfortable for our residents and team members. BH plans for all its communities to adopt this pledge over the next 18 months.  

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & The American Lung Association 

Our mission is to create spaces where people live and thrive. Our residents do not simply live in our communities. They thrive…financially, conveniently, healthily, and freshly.